Chans till Dispens

Ett tvåårigt projekt för test och träning av förmåga att köra bil vid synfältsbortfall

THE CTD-PRoject: English Summary

The CTD-Project (short for Chance To Dispensation) is a continuation of the SMS project. The Swedish Heritage Fund has made SEK 2.9 million available to us to develop training and test methods in connection with the dispensation application when the driver has minor visual field loss. At the same time, the Swedish Transport Agency has initiated a review of the regulations for medical requirements regarding visual ability in traffic.


The pictures on the website come partly from the Method Book ”Chance to Dispensation”. Partners and participants in a unique project. Read the entire book as a pdf (Swedish text) or order a printed version from The price is SEK 212 inc VAT and shipping. See also the CTD video here.

This project is a collaboration between the Swedish organisations VTI (Väg och Transportforskningsinstitutet), SYAB Trafikutbildningar, Linnéuniversitetet, optikerprogrammet, Länssjukhuset Kalmar – ögonkliniken, Indenova i Karlstad – ögonrörelseträning and Junova AB

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Published results from the project

Presentation about the CTD-project

PowerPoint (Sweish text)


Eye movements and overlap

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Report – Vision field and och road safety

Eksjö, 2019-12-17

PDF (Swedish text)

Review the Swedish Transport Agency’s field of vision requirements

Johan Ursjö, CTD 2019-11-10

PDF (Swedish text)

Methods for CTD in short

Krister Inde och Johan Ekblad, CTD 2019-12-09

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